What Are We About?

Wild Venture Guild was created by myself, Jamie "WildMan" Frizzell with the goal of helping ordinary people dig deep and find their survival roots. I feel like people need and want to be stripped of their technology and gadgets to truly live the life of their ancestors, but of course it's not always as easy as that.

I want to give people a safe and exciting place to come and practice these skills that have been forgotten about for some time now. Bushcraft and survival is a big passion of mines and I'm going to help those that are maybe not as confident as they need to be to make those first steps at becoming a survivalist. 

We all have a survivalist mindset but to be able to survive in the wild is a different level and a level that some people may think is unreachable. I'm going to make it reachable for everyone.

Come along and join in the fun with no commitments or join the Wild Venture Guild.