Getting Scouted by the Discovery Channel

There came a time in 2019 where I decided I would put my bushcraft and survival knowledge to good use and create a YouTube channel where I could hopefully teach and pass on useful knowledge to people hoping to get out into the wild more often. I started by filming and uploading how-to videos such as Fire Lighting, Purifying Water and How To Shoot A Catapult. My videos became rather popular by attracting the attention from other fellow bushcrafters from around the world who would praise my efforts and also share some of their own knowledge.

Around one month after uploading my first YouTube video I received an email from a casting company in Los Angeles wanting me to take part in a TV show called Naked & Afraid. I had rarely heard of this TV show so I thought it was a joke at first. I quickly thought "what have a I got to loose?" I replied back showing some interest and I was quickly assured that this was all real and legal.

Fast forward several months and I found myself on a flight to South Africa to take on the biggest challenge of my life up until this point. The challenge was to spend 21 days in the African bush, naked with only a few items. 

If you want to watch my episode its called USA vs The World season 13 episode 4.